Analysis of Issues Related to Learning at a Distance Course

Lisiane Quadrado Closs, Vania Bessi, Juliane Aramburu, Roberto Ruas


The article examines issues related to individual learning in a Financial Business Management Specialization Course, held by means of distance learning, developed by a Federal University. The course was hired by a financial instituiton of national scope to develop future managers. The analysis focused on the first discipline of the program, called Sócio-Environmental Responsability and concentrated in 3 of a total of 20 classes participating in the program, located in Porto Alegre (RS), Londrina and Pato Branco (PR). It was used for the analysis, the contents of virtual demonstrations of students registered in the various channels available as teaching resources: forums, chats and virtual cafes. The aim was to the systematization of elements that promote or hinder the learning among students. The results illuminate specific possibilities and limits of Distance Learning, regarding the problem of learning.


aprendizagem; ensino à distância




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