Comportamento dos Jovens Consumidores de Telefonia Celular: Análise das Metas de Consumo

Danielle Mantovani Lucena da Silva, Paulo Henrique Muller Prado


The need to investigate the conditions that lead consumers to choose certain products and services, this study has taken as the basic goals of consumption in the level of "have", the study proposed by Ratneshwar et al (2000) to identify a taxonomy of young consumers of mobile phone from their preferences on attributes and benefits sought in such attributes. The research was exploratory and based on a survey of convenience. In the first phase were carried out qualitative interviews and identified the key attributes and benefits associated with the evaluation of alternatives cellular telephone. After that, were collected 317 questionnaires and the subsequent analysis showed satisfactory five groups of attributes - basic functions, advanced functions, type of plan, operating and design. From the attributes’ preferences an analysis of Cluster was carried out and found three distinct groups. Finally, the ANOVA and chi square test were used for discrimination of the groups found. The groups were named “Technology focused”, “Service focused” and “Utilitarians”.


Metas de Consumo; Jovens; Telefonia Celular.




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