Internationalization of Retail Food: Analysis of Three Cases using two theories

Roberto - Minadeo


The article deals with the internationalization of the retail, focusing the supermarkets, through the studies
of multiple cases. The main aspects of the groups adopted were based in scholarly articles - there are
also contributions from the technical literature on business. Depending on the entry of several
international networks in our market, the study gets interesting contours to present strategic opportunities to larger national retailers that are still restricted only in our market and, thus, need to evaluate the wisdom of maintaining such a strategy against the strong growth of the competition that is being observed in the sector. The study showed clear advantages of the process of internationalization, is how to find new markets aiming to maintain growth, is to defend itself because of the internationalization of the main players. The theories of Alexander (1997) and Al-Yeung/Henley (2003) proved to be practical for the analysis of the cases.


varejo, estratégia empresarial, história empresarial, internacionalização




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