The Advertising Challenges of the Internet: the strategic perception of Florianópolis agencies

Mário Cesar Barreto Moraes, Mariana Fraga Moreira, Guilherme Felipe Kalnin


This research aims to propose strategic actions in order to increase the
development of the Internet communication vehicles in the context of
Florianópolis from the perception of its advertising agencies, including the
factors that influence media buying, the relationship between vehicle and
agency and the challenges to be faced to the rise of the internet as advertising
media.The research was divided into exploratory stage, in which befits
documentary and bibliographic research, and descriptive stage, conducted
through in-depth interviews with agency leaders. As a result, separate
proposals were structured into four different perspectives regarding the
relationship, training, regulation and results of agencies, and observe how
major problem the difficulty of training, lack of knowledge of clients and low
profitability coming from the internet in Featured advertising environment.


Estratégia; Publicidade; Publicidade na Internet; Veículos de Comunicação; Agências de Publicidade.

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