Cláudia Maria de Oliveira Matsukuma, José Mauro da Costa Hernandez


Scales and analytical methods Abstract This study compares the use of three types of scaling methods (semantic differential, rank-order, and constant sum) and three types of data analysis methods (simple attribution of satisfaction, gap analysis, importance- satisfaction model, and multiplicative approach) for the measurement of services and products attributes satisfaction. The objective of the study is to discuss the use of different scales and data analysis tools by comparing the results provided by each of them. To test the hypotheses, data was gathered using an electronic, structured questionnaire and the snowball sampling method. The findings reveal that both scales and data analysis methods provided significantly different results. The conclusion is that scales and data analysis methods can influence the conclusions to be drawn from the same data set.

Key-words: Consumer satisfaction. Client service. Marketing research.


Satisfação do Consumidor; Serviço ao cliente; Pesquisa de marketing




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