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    Call for Papers for the Special Issue on

    Management and Internationalization of Developing Countries Firms

    Guest Editors: Dr. Mohamed Amal, FURB and Dr. Gabriel Awuah, Halmstad University


    ISSN online: 1980-4431

    Background and purpose

    Developing countries have been growing significantly since the global financial crisis, attracting large amount of FDI from the Triad countries, and becoming increasingly source of FDI.

    This process of inward and outward internationalization in developing countries can be, in relatively large extent, explained by the economic and institutional reforms made during all along the 1990s and the 2000s, paving the way for firms to benefit from long cycle of economic stability and trade openness.

    While many special issues of the International Business Journals have addressed such questions, however it is still a demand for addressing more in depth the way how firms from developing countries have grounded their internationalization strategies, and, particularly, how small and middle sized enterprises (SMEs) cope with liability of foreignness and different cultural and institutional distances.

    This special issue is, therefore, looking for contributions that intend to discuss, in light of the new challenges of globalization, the role of SMEs and their internationalization´s paths. We encourage scholars to discuss in a more critical perspective the contributions of International Business Literature on the international competitiveness of SMEs, and how this special case may shed lights to the role of home and host markets on shaping the international performance of SMEs. We also encourage scholars to look to different experiences and different cases from different countries, whether to individual country in depth approach, or developing comparative studies among developing countries. We understand that discussing the different internationalization paths can enhance our understanding of the complex concept of internationalization, firm size, and organization type.

    The purpose of this special issue is therefore to promote research that focuses on the economic, cultural, geographical, and/or social conditions specific to Developing Countries for the understanding of the internationalization of SMEs. We seek articles that test the validity of results obtained in other contexts or that develop or empirically verify new concepts and hypotheses specific to Developing Countries in a more interdisciplinary approach.

     *  Suitable questions for these topics would include, but are not limited to the following:

     *  What challenges and opportunities do the relatively low levels of economic and institutional development, as well as high dependence on commodity exports, that predominate in several developing countries affect the internationalization of SMEs?

    How SMEs deal with the different geographical, cultural and institutional distances in their internationalization?

    What internationalization´s strategies SMEs adopt to enter in other developing countries? and what is the role of networks and corporate alliances in providing the conditions for their competitiveness?

    How home country policies affect the internationalization of SMEs in entering into developed countries?

    What are the links between the internationalization and innovation in the specific case of SMEs?

    What are the regional specific patterns of the internationalization of SMEs from Africa, Latin America and Asia? What are the differences and similarities of the internationalization patterns of SMEs from these regions.

    What is the role of entrepreneurial orientation in the internationalization performance of SMEs?

    Important Date

    Submission of manuscripts: until 30th December, 2015
    Comments to authors: until 30th January, 2016
    Revised paper submission: February 30th, 2016
    Publication in 2016

    All papers must be submitted online, please go to Online Submission https://proxy.furb.br/ojs/index.php/rn/about/submissions. If you experience any problems submitting your paper online, please contact rn@furb.br.

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