Maria Salett Biembengut


We present one more edition of the Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Application – the 9th edition with six papers published, from which four present research reports on Modelling for Education and two on Mathematical Models applied that may serve as examples to be adapted to classroom use.

The four papers on Modelling for Education are considered applied studies whose empirical data was obtained with students in primary and secondary school, pre-service teachers as well as in-service teachers. All these studies report improvements in learning when mathematical modelling and applications are used. The two papers on Mathematical Modelling report, respectively, applied studies on the BCG vaccines on tuberculosis epidemics, and the control of suppliers’ safety buffers in automotive just-in-sequence-production.

The presence of the term 'creativity' caught our attention in these papers. The creative sense is preponderant in all areas. Each day, more and more, it is essential to look for products and processes that bring quality of life to people, and especially sustainability to our planet. And it is of paramount importance to encourage this creative sense at schools, which can lead to the development of more sustainable and healthier products. We believe and expect that modelling and applications are able to contribute to this reality.

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