Teacher’s ways of thinking about students’ mathematical learning when they implement problem solving activities

Veronica Vargas-Alejo, Cesar Cristóbal-Escalante


In this document we describe an experience with Mexican in-service teachers. In this experience the teachers designed didactic proposals to develop students’ mathematical knowledge. This proposal was used to teach the same course in several times. After each implementation the teachers discussed the experience. We observed the cycles of refinement when the teachers implemented the proposals and discussed the results. In this process the teachers’ conceptions about learning and teaching mathematics emerged. The conceptions changed when the teachers shared and discussed the results among them. We used the Models and Modeling perspective to analyse instructional proposals. The documents produced by the teachers were the base to identify the evolution of ways of thinking about students’ learning process. The teachers described in this paper are studying a master program in mathematics education. 


Ways of thinking, Modeling, in-service teachers, students’ learning process

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