Mathematical modelling in university, advantages and challenges

  • Farzad Bahmaei
  • Nourallah Nejad sadeghi


With Reviewing traditional mathematics teaching, it will be obvious that mathematics teaching through giving lecture and absolutely abstract has no use any more and it is not practical. a great deal of deficiencies and  defects of mathematics teaching, including students who are not motivated, and negative attitude of many adults towards mathematics, and many graduates problems regarding finding a practical –applied profession, are the results of this teaching method. Then a review in mathematics teaching system is essential. so this research aims to study and analyses the impact of mathematical modelling on university students' abilities regarding to  problem-solving, also some benefits and some challenges of modeling introduction into universities are represented. To carry out this research, 60 female university students of 7th semester Shahid Chamran University  were randomly chosen. After taking pre-test, in 15session control group was taught the routine and usual problems of textbook, but experience group was taught through mathematical modelling; finally. The post- test was taken. The results show that teaching with modelling has  a great effect on students problem solving abilities. 


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Jan 15, 2013
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BAHMAEI, Farzad; NEJAD SADEGHI, Nourallah. Mathematical modelling in university, advantages and challenges. Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Application, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 7, p. 34-49, jan. 2013. ISSN 2178-2423. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 29 mar. 2023.


Mathematical modeling; problem solving ;applications