Mathematics for Society, Industry and Innovation

Matti Heilio


Mathematics, modelling and simulation, so called mathematical technology is emerging as a vital resource to achieve competitive edge in knowledge based industries and development of society. Especially it means a challenge for university education and mathematics teachers’ training.  A modern view of mathematics should be reflected in curricula and educational practices. The challenge is to find ways to make the theoretical content transparent and communicate to the students the end-user perspective of mathematical knowledge. The educational change should be visible in curriculum development, up-to-date contents, innovative teaching methods and educational programs. Development of modelling education is a crucial part of this endeavour. I discuss the challenge from the curriculum level and also as a challenge of university pedagogy of applied mathematics. Implication for teachers training programmes and practices at school level are also suggested. I refer to case examples of industrial math projects illuminating the educational challenge. I report about developments in the MS curricula and novel practices that have been introduced in Europe. I also report about some recent and ongoing surveys and campaigns related to mathematics-industry interaction.


Industry, simulation, interdisciplinary, system, curriculum

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