Mathematical Modeling and Knowledge Transference

Patricia Camarena Gallardo


Knowledge transference is a superior ability. This is related to events in mathematical modeling in other disciplines and it is part of the hidden curriculum of university careers. This motivates instructors to think about it. This problematic situation is undertaken by the investigation net MACOCIENCIAS. Among the research being done to tackle the described problematic situation is the research reported in this paper. This is an exploratory type research. It is a case study, where well trained engineering students are investigated when they have to transfer knowledge to solve a vibrating string event. For this purpose the knowledge transference indicators of the didactic phase of the Mathematics in the Sciences Context theory are taken into account. A didactic variable studied is the mathematical cognitive resources of the students, which is related to knowledge transference. It was deduced that with bigger mathematical cognitive resources there is a tendency to transfer the knowledge.


Mathematics in context, knowledge transference, Mathematics in the Sciences Context

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