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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Title page (sent as additional document)
    Title of work. Times New Roman font, 14 point, bold, space between lines single, centred;
      Name (s) of the authors (s). Times New Roman font, 10 point, space between lines single, centred;
     Affiliation (s);
     Electronic Address.

  • Abstract

     Abstract: 150 – 300 words, at least 10 and maximum of 20 lines in a single paragraph and without input paragraph, single space between lines, followed by three keywords. Should contain the thematic focus, purpose, method, results and conclusions of the work.

  • Structure of the paper

     Title without identification of the author (s) ; Times New Roman font, 14 point, bold, space between lines single, centred;
      Introduction, methodology, results, discussion, conclusions, acknowledgments.

  • Formatting

    - Paper A4 (210 x 297 mm);

    - Times New Roman font, 11 point;

    - Space between lines single;

    - Indent paragraph 1.25 cm;

    - Footnotes should be avoided if possible and be brief. They should be numbered consecutively;

    - Margins: top 3cm, less than 2cm, 3cm left, right 2 cm;

    - Captions and tables in Times New Roman font, 10 point;

    - Page numbering at upper right on one side of the paper.


  • References
    Should be listed alphabetically, as in the following examples: books [1,2]; articles in journals [3,4]; chapter in an edited book [5], papers in a contributed volume [6], papers in edited conference proceedings [7] unpublished papers [8].


    [1] Biembengut, M. S. (2004). Modelagem matemática & implicações no ensino e na aprendizagem de matemática (2nd ed.). Blumenau, Brasil: Edifurb.


    [2] Berry, J. et al. (Eds.). (1987). Mathematical modelling courses. Chichester, UK: Ellis Horwood.


     [3] Crouch, R., & Haines, C. Mathematical modelling: Transitions between the real world and the mathematical model. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 35(2), 197-206.


    [4] Blum, W. et al. (2002). ICMI Study 14: Applications and modelling in mathematics education - Discussion document. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 51, 149-171.


    [5] Galbraith, P. (1995). Modelling, teaching, reflecting – What I have learned. In C. Sloyer, W. Blum, & I. Huntley (Eds.), Advances and perspectives in the teaching of mathematical modelling and applications (pp. 21-45). Newark, DE: Water Street Mathematics.


    [6] Chapman, O. (2004). Teachers’ conceptions and teaching strategies that facilitate mathematical modeling. In H. W. Henn & W. Blum (Eds.), ICMI study 14: Applications and modelling in mathematics education, (pp. 65-70). Dortmund: University of Dortmund.


    [7] Stillman, G., Galbraith, P., Brown, J., & Edwards, I. (2007) A framework for success in implementing mathematical modelling in the secondary classroom. In J. Watson & K. Beswick (Eds.), Mathematics: Essential research, essential practice. Proceedings of the 30th annual conference of the Mathematics Research Group of Australasia (MERGA) (Vol. 2, pp. 688-707). Adelaide: MERGA


    [8] Blum, W., & Leib, D. (2005). “Filling Up” – The problem of independence – preserving teacher interventions in lessons with demanding modeling tasks. Paper presented at CERME4, Working Group 13: Modelling and applications.

Author Guidelines

As part of the submission, authors are required to verify the compliance of submission for all items listed below. Submissions that do not comply with the standards will be returned to the authors.


General Recommendations

 Papers should be:

 Unprecedented, it is not sent for publication in another editorial body.

 Written in English;

 Written in the text editor Word for Windows in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or RTF;

 No more 30 A4 pages (including tables, references and figure) and not exceed 2MB;

 Sent in by electronic site www.furb.br/modelling, which confirmation will be sent to the address informed in the register.


Responsibilities of the author (s):

 Concepts and statements contained in the papers;

 Review spelling and grammar.